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2 is Better Than 1 Discount:
$200 Off Your 2nd pup from the same Litter*

2 Pups are a lot easier to raise than 1.  2 pups always have each other.  Training, house breaking, crating, everything is easier.  That's the truth.  I, Tracy, the owner, train a lot of pups.  The easiest pups are the ones with  companion to train with.  They are quiet in their crates, happier, and they are easier to train.  Dogs are social learners:  1 pup will usually be more outgoing or easier to train than the other, leading the way.  

A happy pup is a healthy pup.  Studies have shown over and over again, the worst detriment for your pups mental health, training, and as a house companion is boredom.  A bored pup will destruct, whine, and cry, and be needy for your attention.  

Because we hear so much happiness & success from stories from the people that adopt 2 from the same litter, we have decided to encourage getting 2 at a time, by offering a $200 discount off the 2nd pup from the same litter (or from another litter within a month of the first going home).  

To take advantage of this, simply make deposit for your 2 pups then email me to remind me so I can apply your discount on your balance due on selection day.  

Will my pup bond with the other pup more than me?

As long as you are spending quality time playing, walking, and training your pups, no, they will simply have each other to love and play with when you are not around.  Just like kids, they will LOVE their mommy and daddies when they are home, but when you are not, their friend will be there to keep them company.

*2nd Pup discount available to applicable 2nd reservation taken after 9/10/19.