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About Top Notch Labradoodles
Established in 2016, Top Notch Labradoodles is the sister company to USA Purebred Labs.  Our branch out into producing Labradoodles was inspired by a family in need of a service dog for their special needs son with dog allergies.  We are a socially conscious company that strives to achieve superior breeding lines to enhance the Labrador Retriever breed.  Currently, we are the only breeder worldwide to focus on producing more of what people want:  More Lab, less shedding.  We are professional breeders with advanced knowledge in genetics, expertise in all aspects of puppy rearing, basic, advanced, and Service Training.  We raise DNA-tested, genetically healthy, pure-designer breed Labradradoodles.  

Anyone can breed dogs and most breeders do just that - they have very little invested in their dogs and when their dog's breeding years are over, the dog is discarded.  What sets us apart is our level of genetic testing and responsibility.  We employ responsible breeding from start to finish.  To start, in order to enter into our breeding program, Labs must pass a series of 16 genetic tests, Poodles must pass a series of 8 genetic tests, all designed to weed out disease and impure bloodline.  And to finish, we microchip all of our pups and our Fur-ever Home ensures that a Top-Notch Labradoodle will never be surrendered to a shelter either. 

A person purchasing an untested Labradoodle has a greater than 87% chance that the dog will not be a pure designer breed, it will have hip dysplasia, it will carry or be affected with the genetic disease commonly found in Labradoodles.  While we aren't the cheapest "Pure Designer Breed Labradoodle Puppies For Sale" on the market, we are the best.  Top-Notch Labradoodles offers the most affordable and reliable "High Quality, Genetically Healthy, Pure Designer Breed, Standard English, Labradoodle Puppies" on the market.

Responsible Breeding
Responsible breeding is the solution to homeless pets.  The Humane Society reports that mixed breeds are at the highest risk for surrender to shelters.  91% of animals surrendered to shelters were acquired for less than $100.  90% of them are not spayed/neutered.  Data indicates that 100% of dogs surrendered to shelters & 100% of shelter euthanizations are due to health, behavior, and temperament issues.  These tragic outcomes can be avoided completely:  DNA testing, pure breeding or pure designer breeding, and selective breeding eliminate genetic disease, resulting in health, known temperament, and pedigree.  

​The Best Choice
There are many options for acquiring a furry friend.  Your next purchase will either be part of the problem or the solution to homeless pets.  Irresponsible breeders start the shelter cycle but it's the buyer that encourages it. If you don't mind taking a chance on breed, temperament, and health, buy from a shelter or rescue.  If you want a beautiful, genetically healthy pure designer breed Labradoodle from a knowledgeable, experienced, reputable, and responsible breeder, choose Top Notch Labradoodles. ​​