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Christmas 2021 / New Year

Pure Designer Breed English Standard Labradoodle Puppies for Sale in Scottsdale, AZ

Pricing includes 
Just The Pup Package

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$1995 Each

Ginger & Leo Yellow/Apricot F1 Standard English Labradoodle Puppies

Non to Light Shedding, 65-75 lbs as adults

Due around Thanksgiving, Ready for Homes around Christmas 2021 - New Year 


1st Pick - female pref - service

2nd Pick - female pref 

3rd Pick - male pref

4th Pick - male pref

5th Pick - male pref

​6th Pick - OPEN

7th Pick - OPEN

​8th Pick - OPEN

Echo & Caesar - All Chocolate Liter Expected F1 Standard English/American Labradoodle Puppies
65 - 75 lbs as adults, No to Light Shedding expected
Estimates:  Due 1st week Dec, Ready for Homes 3rd week Jan

​1st pick - male pref
2nd pick - reserved
3rd pick - no pref
4th pick - female pref
5th pick - OPEN
6th pick - OPEN
7th pick - OPEN
8th pick - OPEN

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