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Dark brown eyes, Red Fleece Wavey Coat, Purebred, Moyen (Small Sized Standard) Poodle, eeBb, passed ALL 22 genetic disease tests - she has been tested for all of the Labrador Retriever & Standard Poodle genetic disease tests!  Cookie should produce calm tempered Pure Designer Breed Labradoodles & Pure Breed AKC Non Shedding Standard / Moyen Poodle Puppies for Sale in Arizona.  

Cookie is a beautiful calm tempered small sized standard poodle.  She gets along really well with our Mini Poodles and Smaller Labs.   Cookie is more of a lap dog than anything.   Cookie tested as a solid 4 personality.  Cookie has it all:  Looks, confidence, athleticism, aptitude, and personality.  Cookie weighs 25 lbs, stands 17.5" as measured from her  withers, is AKC registered, meets AKC's conformation standards for size and appearance, and is classified as a Standard Poodle.

Photo Shoot Scheduled for Spring 2021

Recipient of the 2018 Best of Scottsdale Award 

Top Notch Labradoodles