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​​For Arizona Income Taxpayers Only
Donating costs you nothing - you get it all back when you file your taxes!!  
Donate before Dec 31st - it pays to donate!!

Married Filing Joint Tax Year 2019:  Free Upgrade to The Complete Package + $800 Service Fee / Price Discount.  The total donation must be $2,269

Single filer - Free Upgrade to The Complete Package. The total donation must be $1,135 for 2019
1)  Your donation must specify:  
School Recommendation:  Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory
Student Recommendation:  Tracy Thomas Family

2)  Please forward me a copy of your donation - they will email you a transaction receipt after you donate online.  (Please wait to donate until the pups turn 6 weeks in age).

​Your donation is an Arizona State Income dollar for dollar TAX CREDIT.   

​Donate for the current tax year before Dec 31st and you can also deduct your donation on your federal tax return.  For our family, in addition to getting 100% of our donation back, we got back another ~$500 from the federal deduction!

You DO NOT have to itemize to get this tax credit and there are NO INCOME limits. 

We are not tax accountants or advisers. All information presented is on a best efforts basis.  

Donation FAQ's, click here.​​

Tax Examples** 

Examples of different filers, donations, income, etc.**

Example #1 - Married Filing Joint  
Joe does their taxes, his state income tax liability for the year is $2,400.  They have already paid in $3,000 to the state of AZ via payroll with holdings.  Before donating they and are set to get an AZ tax refund of $600 ($3,000-$2,400 = $600).  He decides to donate $2,200 to a qualified school before he files.  His refund is now $2,800 ($2,200+$600). 

Example #2 - Avoids underpayment penalty, Married Filing Joint.
Mary does their taxes, their state income tax liability for the year is $2,700.  They have only paid in $1,000 to the state of AZ state via payroll with holdings.  They are set to write a check to the state of AZ for the balance due of $1,700 + underpayment penalties ($2,700 - $1,000).  She decides to donate $2,200 to a qualified school before they file.  Due to their donation, they no longer have to write a check for $1700, are getting a refund for $500, and have avoided underpayment penalties.  (2,200 - 1700 = $500)

Example #3 - AZ State Income tax liability less than $2,200 = Carry forward tax credit 
Sally is married filing joint.  She does their taxes, their state income tax liability for the year is $1,600.  They have paid in $1,800 to the state of AZ via payroll with holdings.  They are set to get a refund of $200 ($1,800 - $1,600).  She decides to donate $2,200 to a qualified school before they file.  Now they are getting a refund for $1,800 with a carry forward tax credit of $600:  $1,600 tax liability + $200 tax overpayment = $1800 refund.  $2,200 donation - $1,600 state tax liability = $600 excess donation that will carry forward until it is exhausted.  Gong into the next tax year they have an AZ state income tax credit for $600.  

​​Example #4 - Married Filing Joint, estimated tax liability
Charlie and Sara are married.  They don't know their current tax situation but based off the previous year, they paid well over $5,000 in state income taxes.  They decide to donate $2,200 to a qualified school.  Charlie and Sara now have a tax credit of $2,200 that can be applied to their current AZ state taxes or carry forward that credit to a future year.  

**All of these examples are on a best efforts basis, please consult your tax adviser.  We are not tax accountants and take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained on this page.  Again, this is a best efforts basis only.