Health & Pure Designer Breed Guaranteed

Violet's Fall 2021 - Non Refundable Deposit

Top Notch Labradoodles

Recipient of the 2018 Best of Scottsdale Award 

Fall / Winter / Christmas 2021

Pure Breed Toy Mini Poodle Puppies for Sale in Scottsdale, Arizona

Breeding Service Fee includes Just The Pup Service Package

2 is Better than 1 Discount
$1495 each

Violet & Copper - Apricot & Red, Purebred Toy / Miniature Poodle Puppies
Expected to be 8-15 lbs as adults, non shedding, "hypo allergenic" lap dogs! :)

Estimates:  Due Oct 19th, Ready for Homes Dec 7th 
1st pick - male pref
2nd Pick - OPEN
3rd Pick - OPEN
4th Pick - OPEN
5th Pick - OPEN

2 is Better than 1 Discount


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