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*If you have reserved a breeding service, please read the Puppy Rearing process on the Puppies page, it will answer many of your questions.  All the red words on our website are hyper links with more information for that topic. Please write down your questions and save them for your visit.  We go through a very comprehensive checklist when you take your pup home that will surely answer all your questions.

How do Pick #'s work?

If you had 3rd pick for example, that means that 2 people get to arrive before you and choose their pups.  Then you will pick from the remaining pups.

When do you ween your pups?

We don't ween them, the moms do - we let nature take it's course.  We support the mom & pups by supplementing the pups' food just as soon as she starts to ween them.  For more information and discussion on this topic, click here.

I live in Tucson, can I still use the benefits included in The Complete Service Package?
Yes!  The Vet visit and insurance benefits can be used throughout the United States of America.  If you live in a really small town, you may have to hop over to a larger town to find a Vet in network.    

How is it possible for an AKC registered dog to be a mixed breed?
Misbreedings and unintended matings happen.  Registration can easily be manipulated and there is no oversight to register puppies.  On the extremely unscrupulous side of things, imagine this:  A registered dog could be dead, but desparate for money, an unscrupulous owner could register mutts off the street and sell them as "AKC registered".  Misbreedings and unintentional matings happen.  Dogs can carry pups from different fathers in the same litter.  Silver labs are a great example of a misbreeding that went on to be AKC registered and now widely sold.  For more info click on the color page.  Owners that register misbreedings and unintended breedings put money above the AKC registry's integrity.  Some "pure breed" dogs were never pure breed to begin with.  Often times the owner didn't know it, they bought an AKC registered dog, mated the dog, and registered the pups and that's how so many mutts get into the AKC registry system.

Do you offer boarding?
No boarding or play dates.  

What should I select, a boy or a girl?
Many people choose females because they are afraid of the male "marking their territory" (peeing all over their furniture and house), and/or they don't want to see the male's "red rocket" appearing out of no where.  While marking does occur with un-neutered males and males that are neutered too close to puberty, males that are neutered well before puberty will never mark territory or even lift their leg as this is a behavior that is sex hormone driven.  Furthermore, a male that is neutered under 2 months in age, their pee pees remain very very small - often times you have to look under their bellies to tell if it's a male or female - their pee pees are not readily noticeable.  In the last 5 years I am yet to see a male that was neutered before 2 months ever show their "red rocket".  However, this does happen to males that are spay/neutered after 2 months in age.  The longer the person waits to spay/neuter, the larger their pee pee grows and even after they are spay/neutered - their "red rocket" will continue to manifest itself when excited, sometimes spontaneously, and even while relaxed.  This can be very unsightly, especially when you have kids or guests.  PLEASE NOTE that ALL of our pups go home spayed/neutered so you can feel confident that you won't have this problem with a male.  

Now that the main reasons for avoiding males are overcome - let's discuss male/female differences.  Generally boys will look more masculine and grown about 10-20 lbs larger than a girl will.  Girls will look more feminine and be a little smaller than their male counterparts. If your house is mostly tile you can feel confident in selecting either gender.  However if you have a lot of carpet that your pup will be allowed sit or lay on, selecting a male is a smarter choice.  Sometimes females will have a small dot of urine left on their vulvas after they go pee.  If she comes into the house right after going pee, it's possible that over time you may accumulate small dime sized dots on your carpet from when she sits or lays down.  Many times people with females will have their carpets cleaned every other year.  An easy solution to this is to limit her to non carpeted areas or to quickly and gently blot her vulva when she comes back in to prevent any of this from happening.  Other than that there is not a difference.  How the pup is and who they become is all very dependent on their personality assessed at 7 weeks in age and how well you train them.  Both males and females are highly trainable, will have many of the traits of their mom, dad, or a good combination of the 2.   

Am I able to come visit your property before I make deposit?
No.  No.  Arizona ranks 5th in the nation for parvo which is the #1 killer to puppies under 16 weeks in age.  It can easily be spread by shoe.  We cannot take any risks to our dogs and pups.  It's just not worth it. 

​How can I know if my child is allergic to labradoodles?

Generally Labradoodles are thought to be "hypoallergenic".  However, the truth is - there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog.  However, the majority of people that are allergic to dogs, are not allergic to Labradoodles because Labradoodles shed less dander & fur because Labradoodles have hair, not fur.  Labradoodles in general will shed far less than most breeds, especially when compared to a pure breed Labrador Retriever.  F1 Labradoodles will likely shed the most especially during the puppy stage before they get their adult coats in around 5-8 months in age.  F1b & Multi gens usuallly shed the least as we are able to breed the "low shedding" genetic traits into them.  However, if you are concerened, we recommend you take your child to a dog rescue for labradoodles and see how they react.  Generally speaking, if your child is allergic to a labradoodle, your child will be allergic to our labradoodles too. 

​Can I come visit my puppy?
Yes, please see the Puppies page for an outline of our process.  Stay tuned to Facebook & the respective litter page for specific dates which will be posted within a week after birth.

When can I pick up my pup?

Please see the Puppies page.  The 1st Saturday after the pup's 49th day of life, the pups will be ready to go home.  Please let us know if you are not able to pick your pup up on the scheduled pick up date that is listed on the Puppies page for the litter you've reserved.  

What color is best for me?
There isn't a personality difference based on color.  In Arizona, all dogs will have a harder time outdoors during the warm months.  Personality,train ability, and level activity will be totally dependent on pedigree, nature's selection, and the pup's "pecking order" in the litter.  The best way to determine which color is right for your household aside from personal preference is based on your lifestyle.  An active person who will take their dogs outdoors often: hunting, hiking, jogging, walking or running for exercise may be better suited for a lighter colored dog as they can withstand Arizona's sun exposure for longer periods of time.  Darker colored dogs will become heat exhausted quicker during the summer months.  If you are a snow bird, or have a pool, dark colors do great as the water keeps them cool very effectively.  If you have darker flooring,  wear black clothing often, and are not a big outdoors person, chocolate or black dogs are a great choice.  If you have lighter colored flooring, wear lighter colored clothing often, and are an outdoors person, a lighter color might be better suited for  you.

What's the difference between an American & English Lab?
​According to the Labrador Retriever Club, there is no technical distinction between the two, there is only 1 Labrador Retriever Breed. In our experience, there are a few significant distinctions between the 2.  Both are highly trainable.  American labs will have a high endurance for sport, naturally slender, and have thinner coats.  Hunting labs are most often American.  Our American Labs stay thin without us having to manage food portions and pick up on training very quickly.  English labs have been bred for the show ring and tend to have calmer temperaments at younger ages, are substantially less active, thicker bodied, have thicker coats, blockier heads, and bodies.  However, due to the less active nature of English Labs, they are more likely to become overweight and prone to hip and joint problems.  With proper exercise and diet, weight, hip, and joint problems can likely be avoided.  In general if you are an outdoors kind of person, an American Lab or a English/American will fare the best for their thinner coats, leaner bodies, and abilities for activity.  So when choosing a Labradoodle, keep the Lab parent in mind as far as looks and overall activity level.

How do I know which one is right for me - English or American?
Your lifestyle is the best indicator.  An American Lab will desire exercise and might seem hyper to someone with a sedentary lifestyle, especially during the first 2 years as your puppy matures.  If you are inside most of the time and plan on only doing minimum amounts of exercise, an English Lab parent might be more suitable or a whole different breed of dog all together.  Be sure to manage diet and exercise to prevent weight gain.  Generally, if you are an outdoors or active person, an American Lab parent is ideal for it's train ability, endurance and desire for exercise, and it's thinner coat keeps it cool.  

Can I get a refund after adoption?

There are no refunds.  We don't sell pups.  By the time you have come to select your pup, we have already rendered our breeding services over the course of 7-8 weeks.  However, if you choose, we will re-home your pup.  Any re-homing service fees that we accept are kept by us. 

Can I bring my dog with me to pick out a puppy?
No, due to the spread of disease, we do not allow any other animals onto our property what so ever.

Where are you located?

We are located in North Scottsdale near Troon North, major cross streets are Dynamite & Pima.  When you make deposit, you will receive our physical location.

Does My Vet micro chip the pup?

All pups with The Complete Package are micro chipped before they go home.

Do I have to spay/neuter my pup?

Why do you require Spay/Neuter?
There is no benefit in waiting to spay/neuter. Delaying spay/neuter makes training more difficult, the cost is more expensive, and most importantly, it is far more painful on the pup/dog at a later age.  Please see our spay/neuter page for complete information.

Is it a full or partial spay?  Will my pup need these hormones to grow?
A full spay/neuter is protocol for pups with Limited Registration.  Unless they are to be bred, a full spay/neuter is the best method.  Doing a partial spay/neuter keeps a portion of their reproductive parts intact, releasing hormones, and can lead to all kinds of cancers related to reproductive hormones and associated behavior issues.  By removing the entire reproductive organs, it completely eliminates the forms of cancers and problems associated with reproductive hormones.  By removing these organs, there are no changes in growth.  The hormones that are eliminated with full spay/neuter affect reproduction only and they will grow the same as an intact dog except without the reproduction parts.  In doing so there are a host of other benefits including higher train ability, longer life span, reduced cancer rate, reduced roaming, and reduced euthanization and surrender rates.  We have seen several of our own litters that were spay/neutered before 6 weeks of age completely grown as adults and unless you are looking at their private parts, you can't tell the difference between a spayed/neutered vs. an intact adult.  There are many Back Yard Breeders that like to spread the myth that their heads and bodies won't be as blocky - but science and our own experience have proven this to be a myth.  In reality, they put money above the long term success of our society and ultimately end up selling many of their intact pups to future Back Yard Breeders, continuing the shelter cycle.  To learn more about Spay/Neuter, click here.

What brand of food will you feed the pups as they start to wean?
Costco's Super Premium Puppy Food.  For transition tips, click on the Care page and scroll down to the Food & Feeding Schedule.

What Food do you recommend I feed my pup/dog?  
Click on the Care page and scroll to the Food & Feeding Schedule.

Is my deposit refundable?
It is non refundable for your cancellation, but refundable if we are not able to provide you with the breeding service you have reserved.  

Why do you feed your dogs meat? 
Dogs originate from wolves and meat was their primary food.  Over time, food has gone to the fast lane.  Farmers have diminished, meat has become expensive, food has widely become processed.  It has become convenient and cheap for people to feed dog food.  As a result, may people are feeding their dogs low quality dog food combined with not getting enough exercise and the result is many dogs are getting diabetes.  The first ingredient on any quality dog food should be meat.  Lower quality dog food's first ingredient is grain or corn meal.  When you ask yourself the question:  "What's better:  Fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables, or refined, processed, preserved dog food with a shelf life of 2 years?", the conclusion is simple:  Fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables are better and scientific research has proven it.  

What is your Phone Number?
We only give our our phone # to depositors.  Without any phone calls, visitors, and puppies, it's already a full time job.  I've spent well over 1,100 hours creating and maintaining my website to work smarter not harder.  We want to do business with people who are able and willing to read the information on our website.    

How will a new puppy fit in with my existing dog(s)?
We aptitude & temperament test our pups with The Complete Service Package to be sure to help you select the right pup for your household and other pets.  However, if you are concerned and just want to discuss it, please feel free to email me and I'll give you a call.  

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