Top Notch Labradoodles

More Lab, less shed.  When only the BEST will do!


*When compared to Vet service providers, actual fees paid, comparable cost of service or product, retail value, or actual costs incurred. There is no financial consideration given for any benefits forfeited, expired, or waived.  

(1)​​ 8 & 12 week boosters are fulfilled through a National Veterinary Network located throughout the USA.  If you choose to use your own vet, feel free to use the gift card value towards purchasing pet products like bedding, toys, food, chew toys, etc.  Crate Trained pups will receive an 8 week vaccination while in our care.

(2) Bordatella - the manufacturer's label calls for 1 intranasal dose and recommends annual re-vaccination.  However, some Veterinary  service providers may suggest a 2nd booster.  A 2nd booster is typically done for injectable versions only, NOT intranasal.  Please make your Veterinary service provide aware that your pup has received the INTRANASAL version.   

​​(6) Fur-Ever Home - To help offset marketing, food, vaccinations, maintenance, and Vet costs, there is a $110 drop off fee + $5 per year in age, Example:  10 year old lab = $160 in 2016    

(7)  Training Incentive - For Reservations Made after 5/2/16 - We want people to use our recommended training methods and to reward you, we'll give you $100 which will easily cover the costs of the training and possibly dinner :)

Offer expires 3 months from adoption date.  Your pup's training should begin immediately.  In order to qualify for this incentive, you must purchase The Art of Raising a Puppy  & Lucky Dog Lessons BEFORE adoption date (the date your pup goes home).  I loved listening to the training CD's, however the book is great because you can use sticky notes to re-reference sections as you go along.   To submit a request for this incentive, please email proof of purchase (copy of receipts) and send a short video of these minimal training accomplishments (please see Videos page):
       1)  Sit
​       2)  Stay
​       3)  Come
       4)  Down
​       5)  Off
       6)  Heel
       7)   No
       8)  Demonstrate Control with Treats