Top Notch Labradoodles

More Lab, less shed.  When only the BEST will do!

Ginger aka Tina Turner

Green eyed, Apricot, Soft Curly Coat, Cafe Au Lait, Purebred, Medium Size Standard Poodle, eebb, Good Hips.  Ginger produces Beautiful, Well Natured, Medium Sized, Pure Breed, Non Shedding Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale in Illinois.  

Ginger has passed ALL 22 genetic disease tests for Labrador Retrievers & Standard Poodles + DNA tested to confirm pure breed.

Ginger fits right in with our Labrador Retrievers - she is very playful, energetic, and happy-go-lucky.  My favorite part about Ginger is to observe her playing with the others - she gracefully and athletically jumps like a Gazelle.  I've never seen that before in my life.  Ginger is a submissive girl and very much a pack dog.  She gets along with anyone and knows exactly how to act with a more dominant dog.  Ginger weighs 45 lbs, stands 22" as measured from her  withers, AKC registered, meets AKC's conformation standards for size and appearance, and is classified as a Standard Poodle.