Recipient of the 2018 Best of Scottsdale Award 

Top Notch Labradoodles

Health & Pure Designer Breed Guaranteed

​Yellow coat, dark brown eyes, gorgeous blocky face, Purebred, English Labrador Retriever, passed all 16 genetic tests, eeBB, Hunter should produce some well natured Standard Engish F1 Labradoodle Puppies for Sale in Arizona. 

We are so excited to have Hunter in our Labradoodle program!  Hunter has 2 special low shedding DNA that when combined with Ginger's will produce half the litter as low to non-shedders with curly coats like you would expect with a standard poodle.  The other half should have hair similar to most F1's - low to moderate shedding with a wavy coat.  Hunter 
is new to our pack and we are still learning about his personality but so far he has a gentle yet slightly needy demeanor.  He is playful and confident in himself but at this time is having a hard time fitting in with the other males.  Hunter is one of our smaller males, weighing only 65-70 lbs, standing 22" at the withers, is AKC registered, meet AKC's conformation standards for size and appearance, and is classified as a yellow Labrador Retriever