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WANTED!!  Light Colored Mini Poodle Stud

I'm looking for a pure breed DNA tested mini poodle stud. AKC registration preferred but not necessary.  Would love one with a liver (pink) colored nose but not necessary.  The main thing is that the poodle MUST be DNA tested for pure breed, diseases, and coat information.  If your poodle hasn't been tested, not to worry, info below on how to test! 

Although I want to know what diseases are carried, ultimately it doesn't matter to me as my girl is clear for everything and can mate with any stud as a result and not produce a diseased pup. 

What I Offer:

If you have a DNA tested pure breed light colored mini poodle, I'll pay $1000 stud fee + give you 3 months of free advertising on my website if a litter is produced (usually generates around 6,000 view per month).  You can have access to my female at any point whether in person or via Face time to check on her status.  I would employ a pregnancy test ASAP - usually 27 days post mating.  The fee would be payable after the litter is whelped. I'm honest and have references to stud owners I've used before.  I won't pay a fee if a litter is not produced.  I'm experienced with AI, newbies welcome.

Want to test your Mini Poodle?

If you want to test your Mini Poodle, you can run a full panel to find out everything about your fur baby, like diseases, coat information etc.  By having this infoyou'll also be able to ask a higher stud fee in the future! Right now this test is on sale and onlycosts $174 <--click the "costs $174" for the link to the DNA test.  It is absolutely worth the investment!