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‚ÄčReservation Process
1)  After reviewing the Terms & Conditions, make deposit for the litter you want to reserve using the "pay now" button at the bottom of each litter's page.  Planned litter links and our General Puppy Rearing Process with take home
2)  After we receive your deposit, I'll send you a welcome email.

3) What to expect:  Depending when you made deposit, you will receive notification via email in regards to when the Dam comes into season, when she is mated with well estimated dates, when the pups are born with exact dates, then I will start posting to Instagram once per week - usually every Wednesday, sometimes a day early or late.  I work an average of abut 80 hours a week (no days off), and I'm usually training anywhere from 2-5 pups on top of my primary duties so please be patient on updates.  Please note that we only offer updates once per week (on super specials less).
3)  After making deposit, pay pal should direct you to the Next Steps page on our website.
4)  After the dam is mated, I'll update our website with accurate estimated date of birth, visits, testing, selection,crate & doggy door training take home etc.
5)  About a week after the pups are born, I'll email you and start posting pics and / or videos to Instagram
6)  Check out the Labradoodle Puppies page for complete information on our Puppy Rearing Process,puppy testing dates, selection process, and more.  Exact dates will be posted shortly after the pups are born.
7)  Please write down any ?'s that you have and save them for your puppy selection visit.  Almost all of your questions can be answered by skimming through the Care, TrainingPuppies, and FAQ pages on our website.