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Love our new pup Porter. He has the sweetest personality and is super smart.  Thank you Tracy, we appreciate all the information you gave us and loved that you checked in to see how he was doing!!

"Danu is so at home and just a wonderful puppy. Simply a dream. Thank you so much Tracy."  ❤️ ❤️

"I cannot tell you what a sweetheart our Charlie is! He's a bundle of energy and cuddle bug all in one! We took your advice and have held firm to crate training. He has had four dry nights in a row. Yay!! Thank you for such a smooth process adopting him. We sure appreciate you! Happy New Year to you and your family! - Kathleen "

"Summer and Judo’s 5th pick, Booker, is simply the best! He is a dream to train! While he can be a wacky, jumping, exuberant doodle, he is very good at focusing on training when the time comes. Some other characteristics that are worth noting include the following:
· He has a light-shedding puppy coat.
· He rides in the car beautifully.
· He handles the vet environment like a champ.
· He loves a warm bath, doesn’t mind getting his ears cleaned, enjoys a good teeth brushing, and doesn’t mind having his paws/nails handled at all.
· He continues to be snuggly at 35+ pounds.
· He now looks forward to his crate at bedtime, and he is a great sleeper!
· He was quick to potty train.
· Finally, the one thing that just amazes all of us is how he will play with his toys by himself for endless amounts of time. I switch his toys each day as your website links suggest, and I continue to be amazed at how he entertains himself without being distracted by his environment (chewing on things he’s not supposed to, etc). Thank you for all the helpful tips!
Thanks so much for our new family member; he is a blessing!
Cynthia Stoxen"