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Visitation Policy
​​While our visitation policy and liability notice & agreement might seem a little restrictive, we must protect ourselves and manage our time.
-Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Sometimes people can't make it during the times we set aside for visits.  We will make exceptions for out of state visitors for the 7 & 9 week only.  Other than that, there are no makeups.  Please respect this policy and our time by showing up on time.  

No photos or videos of our house or property.  Photos with the pups are OK.  

If we ask you to, you must wear shoe covers that we provide, wash, sanitize your hands, no outside pets or animals, unless we have agreed to it in advance in writing.  No feeding our dogs or bringing food onto our property.  We have a trampoline, but children ARE NOT allowed to jump on it.  It is your job to monitor your children.  You will be allowed to handle the puppies, the mother, and father only.  

You must not have had a dog or any animal with parvo or distemper on your property within the last year.   You must not have come into contact with a dog or animal with parvo or distemper within the last week.  You must not have come from another breeder's property in the same day.  If you recently visited another breeder within 1 week, you must wear different shoes than what you wore to that breeder's property, disclose the breeder's name, address, and date of visit to us.  

​Liability Release Notice & Visitation Agreement:
Our homeowner's insurance does not cover any accidents that are business related.  Therefore in order to mitigate and limit our risks:  The time scheduled is an invitation for the immediate family members of the adopting family ONLY.  No friends, neighbors, or extended family.  In other words, only the mom, dad, brothers, and sisters (the people you take financial responsibility for) are invited to the visits.  If you bring uninvited guests, you agree to take full financial responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur while on our property.  

When you enter onto our property, you agree to release us of  liability any injuries or damage that may occur while on our property.  You agree to indemnify USA Purebred Labs LLC, the owners, or agents from any loss, damage, or expense arising from the claim or demand for any such injury.  You agree to an automatic provision of $500 to USA Purebred Labs LLC to retain an attorney plus $1.00 per mile and $1.00 per minute of time it takes to enforce any part of this policy including time spent with an attorney and/or in court, and time spent drafting response letters, and/or preparing evidence or support.

You are required to agree to this Liability Release Notice for puppy visits but you are not required to agree to this to select your pup. If you do not agree to release us of all liability, do not come to the puppy visits.  Please notify us via email, list your puppy preferences as described below, and we will arrange to meet you outside of our property where we can go through everything puppy related.

Schedule #1 
​8am - 1st & 2nd Pick
9am - 3rd & 4th Pick
10am - 5th & 6th Pick
11am - 7th & 8th Pick
Noon - 9th & 10th Pick
1pm - 11th & 12th Pick
2pm - 13th + Pick

Schedule #2
1pm - 1st & 2nd Pick
2pm - 3rd & 4th Pick
3pm - 5th & 6th Pick
4pm - 7th & 8th Pick
5pm - 9th & 10th Pick
6pm - 11th & 12th Pick
7pm - 13th + Pick

​Schedule #3
8am - 1st - 4th Picks
9am - 5th - 8th Picks
10am - 8th + Picks

Schedule #4
1pm - 1st - 4th Picks
2pm - 5th - 8th Picks
3pm - 8th + Picks

These are the only time frames we offer, no make ups or accommodations for missed visits are offered.  However, you can select via text or email as stated below under "Can't make it?" and visit during any of the other pick #'s for the 7 week visit.  Delayed pick up is available for $20/day.

​​Can't make it?
​If you are not able to make the 7 week visit & selection, just email or text me your preferences in order of 1,2,3 based on your pick number.  For example if you have 2nd pick I need 2 preferences in order of preference.  If you have 4th pick I'll need 4 preferences in order of your preference.  If I do not receive your preference the day before the 7 week scheduled puppy visit & selection date and you do not arrive within 45 minutes of the starting scheduled time as listed below, you will be assigned a puppy.  Unless arrangements are mutually agreed upon in advance, pups that are not paid for by the pick up date, will be resold and deposit will be forfeited.

​Driving Directions
I will email you driving directions in advance of the selection/take home date.  Please wear appropriate attire for the outdoors, what you might wear to a park, based on current weather conditions.  During your visits, we'll go through a comprehensive checklist that usually answers most questions our clients have.  However, feel free to write down any questions you might have, just in case.  There will be ample time for you to play with the pups, view our property, go over care and training tips, paperwork, and answer any questions that you might have.    

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