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Standard English Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Effingham, IL
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Pure Breed AKC Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale in Effingham, IL
Pure Breed AKC Mini Poodle Puppies For Sale Effingham, IL
Pure Breed AKC Toy Poodle Puppies For Sale Effingham, IL
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Pure Designer Breed Labradoodle Puppies = DNA Tested Pure Breed Labrador Retriever x DNA Tested Pure Breed Standard Poodle

Hips Tested + Free from all 22 Genetic Diseases that ail the making of this breed.


Our Labradoodles have an advantage over Goldendoodles

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English Standard Labradoodle Puppies - Fall 2021, Ready in Illinois!

Pure Breed AKC Mini Poodles - Fall 2021, Ready in Illinois!

​Photo Updates for Current Litters

​General Puppy Rearing Process*
Moms are brought inside the nursery

Moms are separated from the pack starting at their 4th week pregnant and receive additional protein and vitamins. Inside our large home, we maintain a heated/air-conditioned 14' x 20' nursery.  The nursery is where the Labradoodle pups will spend their first 4 weeks of life.  The expecting moms are free to go inside and outside as they please.  Moms will typically start to nest around 6 weeks and will eventually whelp their pups on the 60th day of gestation in their own private 4' x 8' whelping box designed with the Labradoodle puppy's safety in mind.  Your Labradoodle pup will spend the first 4 weeks of its life primarily in this whelping box.  Bedding is changed daily so your pup gets accustomed to keeping a clean environment from day 1.  When the pups are born, we'll announce it within a day of their birth. We post photo & video updates once a week. ​

Newborn - 2 weeks 
Dew Claw Removal for Just The Pup & The Complete Package - Not for Super Specials.
About a week after birth, we'll post pictures to Instagram or Facebook and update the Important Dates link with the exact dates you'll want to mark your calendar for.  Labradoodle Puppies are born deaf and blind. Pup's dewclaws are removed at 3 days old. Right around 2 weeks old, the pups will start to open their eyes.  Pups are well socialized from birth with our family handling them several times throughout the day.  

Confirm your commitment

$100 Deposit due - if not paid, all deposits will be forfeited.  Reminders/requests sent via email. 

3 Weeks 
At 3 weeks your Labradoodle pup can fully see, hear, begin to interact with each other, and start to develop their personalities.  The pup's teeth noticeably start to erupt in the backs of their mouths.  

Clipper Acclimation & Desensitization Begins for Just The Pup & The Complete Package 

Starting at 3 weeks your Labradoodle pup will receive approximately 3 minutes of daily clipper acclimation.  Clippers will be and placed on various parts of their bodies and each leg and foot so that by the time they go home, they should have no fear of the clippers which will become important for future grooming.

4 weeks 

Moms begin to naturally ween their pups

Starting around 4 weeks moms will naturally start to ween their pups by standing up to feed them and walking away when they try to suck. Pups will start to get teeth in the fronts of their mouth and they will look to chew on my hand showing me that they are teething. I'll introduce chew toys to alleviate their desire to chew.   Depending on the litter and their development, we will either begin to supplement the pup's food with formula or introduce Super Premium Puppy Food.  At this stage, the pups begin to interact a lot more with each other. This is when we'll start to post more videos.   

Pups receive Parvo & Distemper Vaccinations.

​5 weeks
​Labradoodle Puppies WAKE UP!
By 5 weeks, the pups really start to wake up, move around, and play with each other throughout the day.  The pups will spend most of their day playing and napping indoors in our puppy room, learning who is the strongest and weakest in the pack.  

Deadline to upgrade to The Complete Package

Confirm your commitment

$100 Deposit due - if not paid, all deposits will be forfeited.  Reminders/requests sent via email.

Pups receive the 2nd round of Parvo & Distemper Vaccinations.

6 weeks
Pups are naturally and usually completely weened by now
By 6 weeks pups are virtually weened.  During the day, the moms won’t allow their pups to suck anymore. Moms will walk away and sometimes even growl at their pups to discourage them.  By 6 weeks mom's milk production will have dropped dramatically.  Although most litters are entirely naturally weened by now, the mom has complete access to her pups until the time they go home and can feel free to feed/teach them as she pleases.  

Pups receive a 3rd round of Parvo & Distemper Vaccinations.

Exclusive Sneak Peek 6-week puppy visit for The Complete Package ONLY.

​​7 weeks 
​Puppy Temperament & Aptitude Testing for Just The Pup or The Complete Package only
Scientists confirm that puppies have the same aptitude and brains as a full-grown adult by 7 weeks. Dog experts pinpoint that day 49 is the most accurate day to test them. We employ an assessment test to determine the puppy's aptitudes and temperaments around day 49 so we can be sure to help place our puppies in the right homes.  This is especially useful for 1st-time dog owners, those looking for therapy or service dogs.  Ultimately it's up to you which pup you select based on your pick, however, many people find these tests to be very helpful in their selection, especially for service & therapy dogs and people with small children.  As soon as the tests are done, I'll post their test scores with interpretation so you can have a better understanding of which puppy you might want as a housemate and companion.  Please read our Visitation Policy, Liability Release Notice, & Indemnification Agreement before you come for selection.

Pups with Just The Pup or The Complete Package Puppy Selection  & Take Home!
The first Saturday or Sunday AFTER their 49th day of life, ALL depositors will be invited based on their pick # to come out, play with the pups and make their selection.  If your pup is staying for crate training, please do not bring your own collars, the pups tend to get them really dirty as they tumble and wrestle each other.  

7 week "all in one" vaccination

Pups are Spay/Neutered 

Bordatella Vaccination  
Pups with The Complete Package will receive a Bordatella Vaccination.  

Pups go Home! 

If you need your pup to stay longer to accommodate your schedule, we might be able to keep your pup for a few days extra to help you out.  If we are able to accommodate you, we charge $35/day for late/delayed pick up.

*Puppy Rearing Process is meant to serve as a general guide.  Although we strive to update our website and make it as accurate as possible, the puppy rearing process is ultimately subject to change and modification at any time without notice.

USA Purebred Labs will discontinue business after our Christmas/New Year Litters go home.  I have loved living and serving Arizona.  I will miss all of you!  If you would are interested in purchasing one of our dogs, contact me.  If you have made deposit for a litter scheduled for after Christmas 2021, we will be reaching out to you and will issue a refund.